Top 10 Benefits.

Membership Management Database:
  • 1. Simplifies administration and reduces administration costs associated with managing and processing members information

  • 2. Automates the new members registration process with customisable online application forms and online payments

  • 3. Saves staff and volunteer time with the Member Portal allowing members to update their own information

  • 4. Keeps your club's finances in order with complete tracking and control of subscription payments

  • 5. Improves your club's cash flow and makes it easy for your members to pay with online payments, donations and automatic renewals

  • 6. Protects Junior members and ensures your compliance by disabling direct contact without parent's written consent

  • 7. Keeps members informed with emails, newsletters and text messages (SMS); all from a single system

  • 8. Makes communicating with members easy with instant and scheduled messaging and message templates

  • 9. Simplifies events and activities promotion with effective email and text invitations and reminders

  • 10. Increases attendance to your events and activities with online event registrations and payments

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