Are you data compliant?

Did you know that you need permission to send someone a marketing text message?

In today’s internet world its easy to send email and texts to anyone.  memberGRIP for instance allows you instantly send message to all your members. So you can send a thousand messages in a few clicks. contactGRIP does the same for internet marketeers or small business who just want to keep in touch with their customers.  So isn’t it just a matter of collecting all the emails and phone numbers and then using our system to send the messages?


Current data protection laws make it a bit harder to get started. You need to have permission from your customers to send them messages. You can do this with a sign up sheet on your website, or asking your clients when they visit you next to sign a form.

We’ve seen this done by companies that run small competitions in their shops. They ask clients to fill in a form with their name and contact numbers and at the bottom they ask if they can send email and texts. It can be something as simple as…

Please send me updates and offers via…

[ ] Mobile : My number is _____________________

[ ] Email : My address is ______________________

I’d like to hear more about 

[   ] offers   [       ] Product 1    [  ] Product 2, etc…

The effort taken to gather this information is great as it serves a number of purposes.

1. You get clean information.

2. You know exactly what products they are interested in – so can focus your sales efforts.

3. You’ll be compliant with the data protection laws.

Its actually an offence to send unsolicited email and text messages.

If you’d like to learn more about how to gather information and how best to keep your data safe, secure and compliant you should visit the data protection commissioners website. Its crammed full of useful information on how to manage data and marketing.

As part of your ongoing campaigns you also need to include an Opt Out/In option on your text messages. memberGRIP and contactGRIP both give you this option. So its easy for anyone to Opt Out of receiving messages.

For more on text messaging with our systems visit:


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Lucozade launch “Get Kit” for clubs

This week we came across the new program from Lucozade sport to get free kit for you club.

Lucozade Sport has teamed with Azzuri Sport to Kit-Out teams and sports enthusiasts across Ireland.

IMG_1958-1The program is simple enough – all you need to do is sign up online for you club. every time a club  member enters in on of the club codes you earn points that can go towards getting free gear etc. Closing date for codes is 31st March 2015

For more information and instructions on how-to register visit:

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Accept Online Payments with memberGRIP

memberGRIP can accept online payments from members via a number of systems. We have partnered with AIB one of Ireland largest banks with their authipay system. This allows you to safely and securely accept credit card and online payments.  You can also use PayPal, the worlds largest online payment system.


Why memberGRIP is different

One of the main strengths of memberGRIP is that payments go directly to your account. Unlike some systems that collect payments and send money to you every 30 or 60 days – our systems makes sure the money goes direct to you account. So you have the money faster and you know exactly where you stand financially.

Download our short guide to learn more…
How memberGRIP manages on-line credit card payments

For more information on payment systems visit:

PayPal –


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TIP: How to text all your members simultaneously.

One of the great benefits of memberGRIP is that you can text and email groups of members – thus managing your communication messages to individuals and set groups.

We’re often asked by clubs -How can I text everyone simultaneously?  is there a really fast way of just texting everyone in one go?

Yes there is and it’s amazingly fast to send bulk texts like this.

When you open memberGRIP and look at your members in the members TAB you will get a list of all your members. This is the default view for memberGRIP.



When this opens first – ALL members are selected by default. (as you have no search criteria).

If you look at the bottom left of the screen you will see 3 icons (Phone, Mail, Excel)



If you click on the PHONE icon it tells the system you want to send a text message to everyone selected above.
As you’ve not filtered your search yet – this means EVERYONE.

Clicking the phone will take you to the text messaging system – with ALL contacts already pre-selected ready to text.

Simple type your text message and send.

The same works for email. If you clicked the email icon, every person will be selected for emailing. This is a great feature if you need to send a message to your entire organization quickly.

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