Who are your members?

Membership Database: At the heart of the membergrip information system is the members database. So you can track all your members infromation in a single secure place. You can eliminate the need for cumbersome XLS sheets or multiple software systems.

Membership Control: You can see who your members are; who has paid their subscriptions/dues and track all your communications.

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memberGRIP core functionality includes:

Membership Management Database:
  • Membership Registration and Subscriptions
  • Keep Members Directory up to date
  • Organise Members in groups, teams
  • Automated New Member application processing
  • Online payment/transaction system for members
  • Enable automated renewals
  • Easily identify overdue members
  • Upload Members existing data
  • Unlimited Administrator accounts
  • Reporting and management information
  • Data capture for new member information
Communications and Messaging
  • Text (SMS) and Email Messaging
  • Newsletters
  • Schedule messages
  • Create message templates
  • Send to groups, teams and individuals
  • Communications engine for clubs, teams, social media etc
  • Social Media Integration e.g., Facebook, Twitter
Activities and Events
  • Promotion
  • Promote activities and events
  • Send invitations and reminders
  • Keep up to date attendees list
  • Online registrations and payments
Members Portal
  • Member's profile self-management
  • Subscriptions payments online
  • Events registration & payments
  • Available to members 24/7