Stay in touch

memberGRIP helps non-profit organizations and charities stay in touch with their communities with email, newsletters and texts.

Newsletters: Use newsletters to keep in contact with all your members and promote your club or organization.

If you're new to newsletters you can use the WYSIWYG editor to design your newsletter layouts and save them as templates for future use. Advanced users have full HTML access to the system to completely customise their designs.

Opt Out Option: Your users have the option to opt out of emails so you're 100% data compliant.

Marketing Campaigns: Our advanced scheduler means you can schedule your newsletters and emails to be sent any time you want. So you can build a campaign with multiple emails and simply schedule them to go out at the appropriate time. From fundraising event promotions to club newsletters memberGRIP makes it easy to promote yourself.

memberGRIP provides text messaging, email and newsletters to help you manage and grow. No software to install, simply sign-up and pay as you go.

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