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Free Email Templates

With memberGRIP creating professional looking emails is easy. We've provided a number of email templates with memberGRIP. You can start sending great emails immediately. As you create your own you can save them as new templates and reuse them again and again.


Email Templates

memberGRIP makes emailing easy with built in templates for newsletters and press releases.


Plain Text - Black

Plain Text - Blue
Plain Text - Green
Plain Text - Orange

Plain Text - Red
Vanilla Text
Headline Image Black

Headline Image Blue

Headline Image Green
Headline Image Orange

Headline Image Red
Right Menu Black
Right Menu Blue

Right Menu Green
Right Menu Orange
Right Menu Red

Header Image Black
Header Image Blue
Header Image Green

Header Image Orange
Header Image Red
Press Release - Vanilla



Create newsletters and emails easily using the systems predefined templates.
Select the template you need and modify it to create your own personalised template for future newsletters, emails or press releases.
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